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Secondary Schools 中學

Youth at Risk Workshops

As a professional performer, Doris Yu has garnered many years of experience. Brainstorming creative, new ideas with clients and collaborators, and then using previous skill-based knowledge and professional experience to create a breathtaking performance, Doris Yu has a reputation for providing leading choreography for every client. Get in touch today to learn more about Youth at Risk Workshops services today.

  • 體藝中學

  • 香港嘉諾撒書院

  • 九龍真光中學

  • 旅港開平中學

  • ​田家炳中學

  • 樂善堂余近卿中學

  • 鄧肇堅維多利亞官立中學

  • 香港真光女書院

  • 港大同學會書院

  • 志蓮中學

  • 聖公會林裘謀中學

  • 玫瑰崗中學

  • 香港道教聯合會圓玄學院第二中學

  • 聖母無玷聖心書院

  • 聖公會梁季彝中學

  • 青年會書院

  • 中聖書院

  • 銘賢書院

  • 嶺南中學

  • 屯門官立中學

  • 香港道教聯合會圓玄中學

  • 天主教南華中學

  • 香港紅十字會甘迺迪中心

  • 仁濟醫院第二中學

  • 佛教大雄中學

  • 東華三院馬振玉紀念中學​

Doris Yu sees performance as not only a profession but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. At a young age, this artist began viewing performance as a way to help others express their emotions, challenges, and adversities. To bring change to your community, get in touch to find out how Choreography can help San Francisco develop as a leading habitat for equality, humanity, and education.


愛麗絲劇場實驗室《布萊希特 -- 異例與法則》

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